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Project Supremacy WordPress Plugin Review

By           |         September 23, 2015      |         SEO Tools, Wordpress Plugins      |        No Comments

Project Supremacy Plugin – an Incredibly Powerful FREE Plugin for Setting Up SEO Optimised Websites

Herc Magnes is the creator of this little gem of a plugin. Herc is a very successful SEO. He very well understands what is important in SEO and has created this fantastic FREE tool which any internet marketer will be delighted to get hold of.

Project Supremacy WP Plugin

In addition to creating the most useful wordpress plugin productivity tool I have seen for a long time, the members area is graced with very well produced, concise and clear video instructions of how to install and set up the plugin. There is more! great case study and additional videos covering a whole range of topics related to digital marketing and SEO

What You Can Do With The Project Supremacy Plugin

In a very easy to understand setup you can enter groups of keywords related to your topic including page title, description and URL and then automatically create pages that are already optimised for those keywords. In addition the tool provides a deep analysis of the keyword phrase difficulty in ranking allowing the best choice for crafting the meta data.

The Project Supremacy Plugin – A Fantastic Productivity Tool

I am using this plugin right now and I am very excited because it is a huge time-saver in setting up extremely well optimised pages for any market niche. Go get it and try it out its FREE.


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